Meet the Trust team

Leadership Team

Ms Anne Binns - Head of School
Mrs Julia Wrightson - Deputy Head of School

Mrs Kerry Piper - Senco and Yr 4 Teacher
Mrs Joanna Sawford - Inclusion Lead and Phonics Teacher
Miss Kaylee Keeble - Phase lead (Years 4, 5, 6) and Year 6 Teacher
Miss Lisa Harrison - Phase lead (Years 1, 2, 3) and Reception Teacher


Miss Sarah Chouikhi - Reception Teacher
Miss Lisa Harrison - Reception Teacher

Mrs Lyndsey Latimer - Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Nicky Cooper - Year 1 Teacher 

Mrs Kirsty Batley - Year 2 Teacher
Miss Hollie Pardoe - Year 2 Teacher 

Miss Emily Harris - Year 3 Teacher
Miss Yolander McFarlane- Year 3 Teacher

Miss Emily Hoon - Year 4 Teacher
Mr Dale Jukes   - Year 4 Teacher 

Ms Kathryn Weston   - Year 5 Teacher
Mr Peter Farthing - Year 5 Teacher 

Miss Kaylee Keeble - Year 6 Teacher
Mr Simon Weston - Year 6 Teacher

Miss Rebecca Harris - Maternity leave

Support Staff 

Mrs Ann Alabaster - Learning Support Assistant
Miss Karen Aylwin - Learning Support Assistant/HLTA
Mrs Annika Dove - Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Ruth Dyer - Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Jayne Foran - Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Louise Hinds - Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Krishna Leer - Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Hannah Kelly - Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Farida Sabri - Learning Support Assistant
Mr Robert Lewis-Haines - Learning Support Assistant
Miss Rebecca Messer - Learning Support Assistant
Ms Lydia Walsh - Learning Support Assistant
Miss Jenna Kiely - Learning Support Assistant PE
Mrs Toni Johnson - Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Diane Harmsworth - Learning Support Assistant/Mid-day Assistant

Mrs Agnieszka Kwiek - Mid-day Assistant
Mrs Katie Medlin-Collins - Mid-day Assistant
Mrs Dawn Peach - Mid-day Assistant
Miss Clare Bond - Mid-day Assistant

Office staff

Mrs Tracey Bates - Administrative Assistant
Mrs Emma Drage - Administrative Assistant
Ms Kayleigh Dalton - Receptionist 
Mrs Elaine Jakeways - Office Manager/Bursar

Mr Liam Moore - Site Supervisor

Karen Aylwin - Cleaner
Maureen Bird - Cleaner
Rachael Bird - Cleaner
Victoria Carty-Gable - Cleaner
Toni Johnson - Cleaner
Yvette Souster - Cleaner