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At Olympic Primary School we believe that children learn better when they are supported in their learning at home as well as at school.  It is important that children reinforce and consolidate basic skills as well as develop their curiosity, creativity and interests.

Homework plays a crucial part in providing children with additional opportunities to
practise, reinforce and consolidate basic skills, taught concepts and their learning. It is an important way of enabling children to independently demonstrate their skills and a great way of involving parents in their children’s learning.

Our Approach to Homework

Each term there will be an ‘ activity menu’ of tasks to choose from and the children can choose their preferred method to demonstrate their learning and/or research.  For example children may present their learning by building a model, preparing a presentation using ICT or a poster.
These activities are based on our topics and the National Curriculum and the expectation is that the children choose the activities to achieve  homework credits and must choose at least one from every area of learning. For each activity completed, the children wll gain credits and these credits will be counted up, and personal points will be awarded for every 20 credits they gain.

At least one piece of homework to be completed weekly and handed in every Wednesday for marking and homework will be given out on a Friday.

For further details please download the relevant documents in the side bar.

Year 2 and Year 6

Children in Year 2 and 6 will have different homework tasks to the rest of the school.  They will be provided with a CGP SATs revision book and in Year 2, will complete 2 pages weekly, and in Year 6, will complete 2 pages per night.  These are either marked with the children or by a TA/teacher.

Additional homework

In addition to this, children should read at least 5 times a week, even five minutes a day is better than not at all, and this should be recorded in their Home Reading Record.

High frequency and/or spellings should also be practised daily using a range of approaches.

Maths – reinforcement of a basic maths skill should be practised daily, for example, target tables, number facts, counting forwards and backwards etc

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