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Our Vision & Aims

Our Vision

We will deliver educational excellence by providing an enriching, creative and inclusive environment which allows all children to develop a positive and respectful approach to learning and ensures challenge and success for all.

Our Aims

We want our pupils to:

  • Have very good BASIC SKILLS
  • Discover, nurture and use their own TALENTS and BELIEVE in themselves
  • Understand their own feelings and those of others and have very good SOCIAL SKILLS
  • Be well behaved, by showing GOOD MANNERS and RESPECT
  • Have strong moral sense, to be KIND and CARING and to CO-OPERATE well
  • Be CREATIVE, to have a thirst to learn, to love to learn and to become lifelong learners
  • Have healthy MINDS and healthy BODIES
  • Be well-rounded, self-confident and POSITIVE pupils who believe in themselves and in their POTENTIAL

We want our school to:

  • WELCOME parents and have a COMMUNITY ETHOS
  • Have COURAGE to take risks and break new bounds to ENHANCE our pupils’ education
  • Be highly INCLUSIVE and NURTURING Respect Honesty Caring Aspiration Teamwork Confidence

Our Key Prorities

The key priorities we are working at Olympic Primary can be seen in the Olympic rings below. These priorities come from our Ofsted inspection in June and our own Self Evaluation (SEF) which feeds into our Academy Development plan and informs our next steps for improvement.  Throughout the year and especially In our school newsletters we will share our progress in these areas. There is nothing the staff and Principal want more than to secure a good grade for the school, and to work on making this an outstanding school.  ‘I care passionately about every child in this school and want them to achieve the very best they can – they deserve success! ‘ - Principal.



Contact Details


Mrs Anne Binns, Principal,
Olympic Primary School
Olympic Way

Tel:01933 677300



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Fri, 20 Jul 2018