British values

Mutual respect and the tolerance of those with different faith and beliefs:

  • Taught through RE lessons linked to topics
  • Children are encouraged to learn about different faiths
  • PHSE scheme reinforces respect for each other
  • Children regularly visit the local church
  • Visits to places of worship e.g temple, Guardwara
  • Assemblies
  • Through the school value of 'respect'


  • Yearly School Council elections voted for by pupils
  • Children are actively involved in the running of the school via school leaders, school forum suggestions
  • Pupil voice shaping changes for the future

Rule of Law

  • Local police carry out assemblies e.g staying safe, their roles and duties
  • RE covers different rules/principles within different faiths and religions
  • Assemblies

Respect for self and others

  • Theme days such as Remembrance, Comic Relief and learning to respect others
  • Children are encouraged to listen during circle time and respect children’s differing opinions
  • School values which are reinforced regularly through lessons
  • Assemblies