Vision and ethos

Our Vision

We will deliver educational excellence by providing an enriching, creative and inclusive environment which allows all children to develop a positive and respectful approach to learning and ensures challenge and success for all.

Our Aims

We want our pupils to:

  • Have very good basic skills
  • Discover, nurture and use their own talents and believe in themselves
  • Understand their own feelings and those of others and have very good social skills
  • Be well behaved, by showing good manners and respect
  • Have strong moral sense, to be kind and caring and to co-operate well
  • Be creative, have a thirst for learning, a love of learning and a desire to become a lifelong learner
  • Have healthy minds and healthy bodies
  • Be well-rounded, self-confident and positive pupils who believe in themselves and in their potential

We want our school to:

  • Welcome parents and have a community ethos
  • Have courage to take risks and break new bounds to enhance our pupils’ education
  • Be highly inclusive and nurturing