Welcome to the Early Years

Welcome to Olympic Primary School Early Years.

Our Early Years Provision provides our families and community with a high quality flexible approach to childcare for all ages. We have a Private Daycare nursery which is open 48 weeks of the year and offers both full-time and part-time provision for both 2 year olds and 3 year olds from 8am until 6pm daily. In addition to this we also have a school based nursery that provides a 15 hour government funded provision, which is available mornings or afternoons. We also accept the 30 hour entitlement entitlement to help support our working families. We also have a school based Reception cohort.

Why chose our Early Years?

Throughout our Early Years Provision we aim to provide the highest-quality care and education for all our children, thereby giving them a strong foundation for their future learning. We create a safe and happy environment with motivating and enjoyable learning experiences that enable children to become confident and independent learners. We value the individual child and work alongside parents/carers and others to meet their needs and help every child to reach their full potential.

We plan a fun, exciting and challenging curriculum based on our observations of the children’s needs, interests, and stages of development across the seven areas of learning, to enable the children to achieve and exceed the early learning goals.

As a school we believe in high quality indoor and outdoor structured play with a range of resources and equipment to support our children’s development and learning, whilst our inclusive and nurturing ethos build confidence and independence. Children should have a wide range of learning opportunities that are fun, challenging and stimulating so they engage positively with their learning. We deliver this as part of our whole school Assessment Proficiency strategy. 

Our belief is that the Early Years is the most important stage of our children’s learning and development and allows children to be successful throughout their schooling. 

If you would like to start your child on this amazing and exciting journey of learning and discovery, or for more information, please contact us on 01933 677300 or Email: school@olympicprimaryacademy.net