School uniform


It is our policy that all children should wear school uniform when attending school, or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours. 

The school colour is burgundy.  Various items of uniform can be purchased from the school office – these include school sweatshirts, cardigans, PE kit with a bag, fleece jackets, reversible coats and ties (for KS2 pupils only). The children may wear black or grey trousers, shorts or skirts.  In the summer, girls can wear a burgundy gingham dress.

Our PE kit consisting of shorts, tee-shirt and plimsolls should be provided. Children may also wear a tracksuit in colder weather.

In the Summer it is important that children are protected from the sun.  Sun cream should be applied at home in the mornings and children’s shoulders should be covered.  Sun hats and glasses may be worn when outside.

In the winter it is important that the children wear coats and wellington boots on rainy days.  Hats, gloves and scarves should be provided.

Appropriate clothing ensures children can fully participate in the school day. Shoes should be suitable for school and the weather and easily fastened by the child.  High heeled shoes (i.e. more than one inch) are unsuitable for wearing during the school day. The school wants all children to grow into healthy adults and wearing appropriate, well fitted shoes supports this aim.  We believe that it is dangerous for children to wear shoes with platform soles or high heels in school, so we do not allow this.  Neither do we allow children to wear trainers to school; these are appropriate for sports or as leisurewear, but are not in keeping with the smart appearance of a school uniform.  We require all children to wear the types of shoe described in the uniform list:

Uniform Expectations

Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One

(Reception, Year One and Two)                                                                

  • White Polo Shirt
  • Grey or black trousers, skirt or pinafore
  • Burgundy round necked sweatshirt, jumper, cardigan or fleece
  • Black shoes (maximum one inch heel)

Key Stage 2

(Years Three, Four, Five and Six)

  • White shirt
  • School tie
  • Grey or black trousers, skirt or pinafore
  • Burgundy V necked jumper, sweatshirt or fleece
  • Black shoes (maximum one inch heel)

Shirts should be tucked in. In Key Stage 2, ties will be worn at all times. During very hot weather children may remove their ties in class.

Long hair should be tied back or plaited.

No grey, navy or black jumpers, sweatshirts or hoodies should be worn.

In the summer grey or black shorts may be worn. Girls can wear a red/burgundy gingham dress.

Children should dress appropriately for the weather e.g. warm, waterproof coat, wellingtons or waterproof boots. Ensure they are sun safe in the summer e.g. sunhats, and covered.

PE kit

  • White with school logo, or plain white, tee shirt
  • Plain black or dark shorts
  • Plimsolls and/or trainers
  • Tracksuit/Jogging suit i.e. sweatshirt or jacket and trousers for winter only

This should be kept in a bag labelled with the child’s name and class.

Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly labelled with your child's name to prevent them from being lost.

A lost property basket is available in each class area.  Labelled items do not get lost but are returned to their owner.  Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own belongings.

Items of uniform can now be purchased in store at School Trends, or online at

To read our full policy on school uniform, please click here